My initial propose for the residency consist into developing  a “body machine”. As a starting point, I thought to create an “External gut”, tubes that can be set in different ways around the body, composing various pathways for a small colorfull sphere to travel. An invetigation of the issues of the routes, the external pathways that we travel in life and the internal pathways inside of our body,  an investigation of temporality/fleeting of the traveling act.

As an ilustration of this idea, I’ ve prepared a home made video using improvised equipment made of  plastic bottles. I am including this video on this application.

However, I believe that it is very important to be sad that during the residency it’ s possible that many other ideas of projects will arise. I think that to be a period of high creativity due to the possibility of meetings and interactions, be with the team of TrainGaswork, with other artists, with another culture and other context. Therefore I consider this idea of the “External Intestine” to represent just an starting point of the beggining of a creation process,  the creation of an equipment of interaction. But this initial idea can be dropped if from the encounters and interactions other more appropriated project arises.

Having sad that, I continue with the presentation of the “possible starting point”.

Provisory Title: External gut.

The development of this work have two basic stages that penetrates one another.

a) The development of the body equipment. Research of the materials, design of the tubes and research of ways of construction or manufacture. At this satge it would be very interesting to have a direct contact with the technitians, designers, artists of specific areas and factories of materials to talk about the diferent possibilities of the development of the equipment. I believe  that to be a stage of specific knoledge and interacions of technical order.

b) The development of use of the body equipment. This stage consist in developing the different ways of using the tubes, inviting various people to interact with them, opening the process so the people can also propose experiments with the body machine. I think of inviting from children to elderly people, from peolpe that do some work in their own body to people that do no work at all. This is a stage that is completley permeable of subjectivity interactions, to reflections and to investigations about the individual and collective senses of the experience. A stage of diferent kinds of experimentation. From this interaction with the other I believe that the idea will start to get a shape of it’ s definitive expression,  that could generate performances, games, and artistic partnership.


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